Modern Photobooth Podium

The PhotoFLAIR Photo Podium is a modern take on the traditional photobooth. Where a traditional photobooth can be bulky, expensive and difficult to manage, the PhotoFLAIR podium is small, sleek and highly customizable. You can even record audio and video content!

Each PhotoFLAIR podium requires only 2 square feet of space to easily accomodate any venue, and includes extra features to help entertain your guests or commemorate your special event. Photos are printed on 4x6 souvenir frame cards custom designed and unique for your event.

To make your event even more memorable the PhotoFLAIR podium can be custom wrapped to display your name or the name of your event. Each podium is built by hand for quality control, and copies of all photos and videos are automatically saved so you can retain a copy.

We do our best to make rentals easy. We provide delivery, set-up and removal, and rentals include a professional onsite attendant to ensure your event goes smoothly. We can provide props to keep things interesting and drape to provide privacy.

Add some FLAIR to your event with a PhotoFLAIR podium!

The benefits of the PhotoFLAIR Podium:

  • Built by hand for quality control
  • Small footprint accomodates almost any space
  • Customized 4x6 card frames with up to 4 pictures per print
  • Touchscreen display
  • Speakers for playing music or other ambient noise
  • Photos and videos are automatically saved and made available for event hosts
  • Turn your podium into a billboard for your event with a customized wrap
  • LED light bar for evening use
  • Privacy drape and photo props
  • Allows the recording of audio and video in addition to high quality digital photographs
  • Podiums available for both rental and purchase
  • No stress - delivery, setup, removal and onsite attendant available for your event

The PhotoFLAIR Podium