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PhotoFLAIR | A Compact Marketing System

Build Brand Awareness

PhotoFLAIR is a versatile marking tool that can be used to build brand awareness, endorse sales and reference events. The podium’s exterior shell and customized 4x6 keepsake prints act as advertisement space. Have your customers do the advertising for you. Each time a 4x6 keepsake is shared, uploaded to social media or displayed on a fridge, your products and services are promoted.

Fully Customizable

PhotoFLAIR Podiums are encased with a highly durable wrap which is customizable to your specification. Design your podium with the company logo, slogan, images, colors and more. Turn your podium into your very own company inspired billboard. One custom 4 x 6 can be designed with up to 4 pictures per print.

No Special Requirements

The podium's small footprint allows placement virtually anywhere and hardly takes up any room. One podium requires a minimum of 2 square feet of space to operate, in comparison to an approximate 10x10 ft. area required by traditional photo booths. They stand about 5 feet in height and 16 inches in width and depth. Each podium comes with a light bar for evening use and with a touchscreen display.

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Customizable Prints

4"x6" prints can be designed with:

  • Coupons
  • Shows and showtimes
  • Dates and details for special events
  • QR codes to direct traffic to websites or landing pages

Maintenance Program

No technical skill necessary with our maintenance plans!

  • Service calls, cleaning and troubleshooting any technical issues
  • New print upload/print removal
  • Extra materials: print rolls, ink strips, card stock

Record Audio & Video

Along with 4x6 pictures the PhotoFLAIR podium can be used to record audio and video. Let your clients record tributes or testimonials

Our Process

Each PhotoFLAIR podium is built by hand and custom wrapped for your company or event, with custom designed 4x6 advertisement frames. Each podium features our proprietary image and video software. Rentals and purchases include professional delivery and set-up, and rentals include an onsite attendant an teardown. Service plans are available for ongoing support.

The photo podium was a huge success and many of our guests were amused by taking their picture with all the available comedic props! T. WILSON ENSEIGNANTE D`ARTS | PAVILLON DES JEUNES
Mike and his staff were very easy and flexible to work with while carrying themselves in a professional manner. Their unique product allowed us the opportunity to easily customize the podium as well as the pictures to meet the needs of our customers. PhotoFLAIR drew the attention of not only the general public, but some of our corporate partners as well. T. NAGORSEN & M. CIMINO DETROIT GRAND PRIX

Sample Card Templates

Photo prints can be designed using pre-defined layouts, or using any custom design. Each can usually contain up to 4 photos, but including fewer photos leaves more space for promoting your company brand.

Sample photo card with one image
Sample photo card with two images
Sample photo card with three images
Sample photo card with four images